Best Ebook Readers on Google Play Store (Android)

Do you love reading books, stories, documentaries, or anything that can be a source of information and entertainment? If so, this post is for you. Here is a video consisting of 5 best book reader for Android phones. If you are a reader but sometimes you get tired of actually reading them, these book readers will do the job for you.

Find out all of them here.

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Now that you know which apps can help you fulfil your reading habit in case you are tired and lazy, it’s time to get them for on your Android phones.

To summarize the video above, the 5 best book reader apps for Android are:

#1. Wattpad. Discover stories written by writers all around the world. The genres include romance, comedy, science fiction, mystery, adventure young adult fiction and fanfiction.

#2. eBook Prestigio. This is a multi-language, multi-format text and audio books reading app. It supports over 25 languages, perfect for non-English speakers

#3. FBReader. This reader is fast and customizable that uses TrueType/OpenType fonts, backgrounds and adjustable screen brightness. You can manually download books using FBReader and save them on your device.

#4. Moon+ Reader. Read thousands of ebooks online for free. It has many features which allow the users to customize the background for reading. It also has a day and night mode switcher.

#5. Bookari. A free ebook reader with a synchronized library. With Bookari, you are able to take down notes, highlight sentences, organize your books and add them to your favourites.

In Conclusion

These are the 5 best ebook reader that you can download for your Android phone. You can get them in Google Play Store for free.

If in case you know any other ebook reader that works excellently, let us know them by leaving a comment inside the box below. Also, if you have questions, do not hesitate to drop them down. We’ll be glad to assist you with whatever we can.