Morbus Review in Rattus Libri

The Rattus Libri has now also committed to Morbus and brought a fabulous criticism:

“Walter pointed to the open books. “The lion bride is about a young girl who befriends a lion. However, when she is grown and wants to marry, she is killed by jealousy of the animal. Nice story, but there is also a version in which this lion takes on human form and the friendship should have been quite intense.

I suspect that even then the transformation of an animal into a human has succeeded. And somebody has now repeated the experiment in Schönbrunn. “(“At full moon you are dead”) “When the moon is full you’re dead”: During a beer, district inspector Gustav Horak tells his former colleague Bernd Waidmann about some strange deaths that were always committed in his district at a full moon. In one of the cases, the victim, an elderly lady, was stabbed even with her own umbrella. None of the victims were robbed, instead, the respective worn furs were disgraced and destroyed. After a short while, Waidmann decides to submit the case of Harry Teufel, his contact person from Basilisk.

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Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a figure approaching. The shadow was crooked. The person rubbed his palms. That could only be Heinrich. From time to time he had already seen him hysterically giggling. And once he had jumped from one leg to the other and had sung children’s songs. “(” Under the spell of the murderer doll “) “Under the spell of the murderer doll “: A new player mixes brutally with the Viennese underworld. The fact that this is a doll called Amanda, the remaining bosses who are attached to their lives, have accepted or not. But now an unknown is about to eliminate Amanda’s competition, bringing Vienna to the brink of gang warfare.
After the “Morbus” -Hefte 1 and 2 actually appeared in the classic magazine novel format, cases 3 and 4 were now combined into a paperback and handed over to Evolver Verlag for publication (both cases appear as ebooks separately).

The content continues seamlessly, as ex-policeman Bernd Waidmann and the goth girl Petra Jesse Maier learn more about the secret organization Basilisk, which “ensures that everyone can live well together”. This refers to the figures from the legends and legends of the Austrian capital, which are more real than most Viennese think. The case of the strange fur desecration resembles in construction and mood the first volume “blood oath of the Danube people”. Again, it is a local fairy tale that is the trigger of events and ultimately leads to the investigation of the case and the transfer of the perpetrator. Just as the Danubian Prince protected only his daughter, even the villain here is not a mere murderer, but a tragic character, which only follows her nature.

The case “Under the spell of the murderer doll” comes with significant activity in the Vienna underworld less melancholy, but more like a “Jerry Cotton” novel, therefore. Here, too, is the fantastic element, the explanation of how a living malignant doll can give, comprehensible introduced into the action (as part of the serial construct seen). You even get to feel sympathy for Amanda’s brother Maxi, the second animated doll you already know from “The Prater Dance the Grim Reaper”. The other Prater events are also taken up again here and further developed so that a sustainable sense of series including unforeseen character developments results.

As in the previous episodes, one may enjoy the somewhat crude humor of the Viennese and enjoy some passages in the most beautiful Viennese dialect; a glossary is also included.

The covers of the two horror stories were once again designed by Jörg Vogeltanz and also show reworked classical paintings – this time it is “A Leopard” (1572) by Paul de Vos and “Young Girl with Doll” (1884) by Berthe Morisot. All in all, “Morbus 3 and 4” keep what Parts 1 and 2 promised. Since the basic mood of both cases is clearly different, there is no boredom when reading the double band. (EH)

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