Nightgame and dawn, Volume 1 – new in the program

At night and dawn – The dreadedThere would be a lot to say. First of all, that it is modern, dark fantasy of the highest quality. If you like Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods”, the “Watchman” series by Sergej Lukianenko, or even the works of HP Lovecraft, you should not miss this book. Author Erik R. Andara creates here from old traditions and modern, contemporary ideas a completely new mythology around his hometown Vienna, which beats the reader quickly and inevitably into its spell. He draws a dangerous world full of magic and old, power-hungry beings in the eternal struggle for supremacy on earth and in other spheres. While Andara sends his hero through the nightly streets in search of answers and a young goddess makes her ambitious intrigues spin, he also shows

We are very pleased to be able to enrich our program with this extraordinary debut novel from the summer of 2017.

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On the entire planet, myths and beings from times long past compete for their place in the new world order. A consortium of gods in Vienna has mistakenly brought a totally unpredictable creature across the threshold in the constant arms race between factions and is now struggling to keep it under control. At the same time the social scar follower Victor Neithardt the trace of a strange boy who jumped from a bridge in front of his eyes. Obscure policewoman Sinibaldi, who takes on the case, seems to think that Neithardt is much more than just an ordinary night-street worker. She pushes the protagonist on a path that leads either to another reality or straight into the madness. Soon, Victor does not have the slightest idea where the ever stranger events will bring him: even deeper into the darkness or back to the light?

To the author:

Erik R. Andara was born in 1977 near the Dunkelsteinerwald and grew up withdrawn in a small hermitage on the edge of the forest. He devoted himself there – almost immediately after his arrival in this world – to reading and telling stories. When he had to realize with surprise that the so-called reality was still valid in the new millennium, he decided to go to Vienna. From there he wanted to expand his search and gather more material for his stories from every corner of the multiverse. Today, he writes mainly gloomy fantasy, works as an editor for the online magazine Phantastikon, designed book and magazine covers and occasionally draws comics. Recently his stories and illustrations appeared in “Visionarium” (Edition Gwydion) and in “IF – Magazine for Applied Fantastic” (White Train), in the “Kriminal Journal” and in e-book format on the platform neobooks: “At the foot of the Lighthouse it is dark “and” The Feast of the Fathers “. His publishing debut “Nightgown and Dawn – The Dreaded” will be released by EVOLVER BOOKS in 2017.