Reading Deluxe

For our audience, we know that nothing is too big, nothing too noble and nothing to fancy. Thus, at the last publishing house reading called “The 1000 Faces of the Pulp”, it took us to the feudal premises of the university library in the historic building of the Academy of Fine Arts in Schillerplatz in Vienna, which once again demonstrated this in the most impressive way. In the midst of the splendid furniture and the floor-to-ceiling shelves, which bend in front of beautifully leather-bound, old books, three of our authors have finally read from their works: R. Evolver, Werner Skibar aka Charly Blood and, our new entry, Erik R. Andara.

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Whether Kay Blanchard fought Sidekick-Kat for a life-to-death battle for her great boots, then swinging herself into a Cambodian taxi for a buddy-holly look-alike, or a jinn in the best kind of coffee bean roasting in a mysterious Viennese eatery, or even the father of the gods of Asia and his son beat a bottle of Icelandic schnapps in the dog area behind the Vienna Museum – once again we knew how to play all of our cards properly, in the presence of the altar of the Most Reverend Pulp literature to sink to its knees. It was a huge pleasure for us, should be noted here once again. And we plan to hold another of our literary fairs soon.

Finally, the University Library of the Academy of Fine Arts and its staff, especially Mag. Sarah Fiedler, for their wonderful commitment and the tireless organization in the service of this, thoroughly successful, thanks for reading! We would certainly come back if you let us!

So much for now. Be safe and keep reading the good stuff!