The VINCENT PRIZE wants to honor the best works of the genre horror and uncanny fantasy, it is the only literature prize of its kind in Germany.

This year, the Vincent Prize has decided again – and we are once again at the forefront: Thomas Fröhlich’s “Sherlock Holmes and the Secret of the Illusionist” takes first place in the category “Best German-Language Radio Drama / Audiobook”.

The reading of the winners and the presentation of the certificates to those present took place on April 25, 2015, at the Marburg-Con ( all winners here ). We would like to thank the jury and all those involved in the Vincent Prize and congratulate our author Thomas Fröhlich and Markus Winter, who of course contributed to this success with his production and label WinterZeit!

Sherlock Holmes – the audiobook!

Sherlock Holmes Audiobook

Sherlock Holmes Audiobook

The aged and opium-addicted Sherlock Holmes and his faithful companion dr. In their perhaps most mysterious case, Watson investigates: literary figures encounter their authors, an illusionist named Nyarlathotep blurs the line between reality and fiction, and the most famous detective in world history privately faces a few puzzles …

You can read this wonderful thriller in 3 acts – in the book Sherlock Holmes and the secret of the illusionist by Thomas Fröhlich. And now you can hear it too: as a staged reading Sherlock Holmes – The secret of the illusionist with sounds and music, specially produced orchestral soundtrack and film-ready sounds! With Till Hagen as Sherlock Holmes, as well as Tom Jacobs, Erich Räuker, Nora Jokhosha and other well-known voices from a film, radio, and television.

More about the book: Sherlock Holmes and the mystery of the illusionist

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